Get More from Your Oracle Technologies

Get More from Your Oracle Technologies

We help you modernize and manage your Oracle applications, databases and infrastructures so you can reduce costs, focus resources on core business functions and improve reliability.

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As you seek help with managing your on-premises Oracle applications and databases or accelerating adoption of new Oracle® applications and technology in the cloud, Rackspace Application Services for Oracle can guide you on your journey, helping you become a digital business faster and with less risk. Rackspace Technology accelerates the value you get out of your Oracle applications, whether they’re run on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Rackspace Private Cloud, other hyperscale public clouds, or within your own on-premises environment.

Our experts analyze your business operations, then activate Oracle applications and databases that support the ways you want to work. Rackspace Technology then deploys, manages and optimizes those applications and databases with the infrastructure that maximizes their effectiveness and helps you achieve your success metrics.

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Gain these key benefits:

  • Cost and efficiency: By modernizing your Oracle solutions on optimized infrastructure, Rackspace Technology helps reduce maintenance costs of legacy systems while generating higher levels of efficiency
  • Resource optimization: Rackspace Technology will manage your Oracle applications, databases and infrastructure, so you can focus your resources on core business functions
  • Reliability: Enjoy proactive, always-on service and expertise with best-in-class tools and automation so you’ll have Oracle technology delivered when and how you need it
  • Agility and innovation: By moving toward a cloud-native way of working, you create future stability for your products and can go to market faster, and focus on creating innovative and differentiated customer experiences.

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Rackspace Technology helps you select the optimum managed solution and service models to meet your business and integration needs and provides these professional services for Oracle:

  • Application upgrades
  • New module implementations
  • Integrations
  • Global organization rollouts
  • Development projects
  • Assessments

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Managed Application Services are designed to help your organization use smart, efficient ways to optimize and generate more value from your Oracle portfolio.

These services are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the application portfolio lifecycle, and help you realize an increased level of interoperability and better return on investment through ongoing maintenance and operations. Managed Application Services for Oracle include:

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