ASP Hosting

ASP Hosting

Here are our UK based ASP Web Hosting solutions. Compare all of our plans and packages below. All services are hosted in house on our high end, Microsoft Windows powered servers. Controlled by Plesk.

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HostPresto! Now Offer Windows Based Servers

For years, we’ve only been offered Linux based web servers. Now we’re offering a fully range of Windows based servers suitable for ASP.NET development. We offer a range of shared ASP hosting, shared Windows hosting and even Windows based VPS solutions powered by Plesk.

Full ASP.NET Support from HostPresto!

In addition to our new range of Windows based shared hosting and virtual private servers, all our support staff have been trained in dealing with ASP.NET hosting related issues.

ASP Hosting Features

All our ASP Hosting plans come with these great features!

With HostPresto’s custom backup system you have full control of your content and can specify what you want to backup as and when. You also have the option of restoring backups from the previous hour, day or even month should you choose to do so.

We’re that sure you’ll absolutely love our service that we’re willing to offer a no strings attached, 30 day money back guarantee on all of our hosting plans. This means that if there is something you’re really not happy with, just get in touch with us and we’ll refund your purchase without fail.

All of our web hosting support team are well versed in ASP.NET and its related issues and are on hand 24/7 to assist you with anything and everything when it comes to your web hosting account. They’re fully based in the UK too so you won’t be waiting long for a response.

All of our Windows or ASP based web hosting packages are housed on computer hardware which is located in our London data center. That means you’ll get quick and timely support and a super fast website. You’ll also be able to enjoy lightning fast download and upload speeds.

We think you’ll find our packages extremely well priced when compared to other web hosts who specialise in ASP.NET web hosting. When you compare our price alone, we win hands down. Couple that with our hardware and infrastructure there really is no competition.

Using Plesk you can maintain your SSL operations in full. Plesk makes adding/removing SSL certificates and extremely straight forward process. You can also generate certificate signing requests and assign SSL certs to specific domains at the click of a button.

ASP.NET has many great features which makes it the leading, viable alternative to the likes of PHP development.

Support: ASP.NET is the web application framework of choice for medium to enterprise size applications. So lots of support is on hand.

Security: ASP.NET is a highly secure application framework, with more built in security features than the likes of PHP.

Speed: ASP.NET is fast enough to be used for desktop application development as well as web based applications.

All ASP Hosting Plans Include

All of these great features!

All of our ASP hosting packages here at HostPresto come with truly unlimited bandwidth. So if your ASP project receives a lot of traffic or you simply want room to grow, HostPresto is definitely the place for you. The price you see is the price you pay, regardless of your bandwidth usage. No hidden quotas, no hidden fees. A truly unlimited experience.

All plans and packages come with the latest version of ASP installed and all aspects are fully controlled by the ever popular Plesk control panel. We’ll always make sure that your server is installed and updated with the latest secure releases as and when they become available and we’ll also make sure that if there are ever any bug patches and security updates/fixes required, we’ll sort those too!

All of the ASP web hosting services we offer here at HostPresto are based on Windows systems and are powered by the Plesk control panel. Plesk, in short, makes managing every aspect of your account extremely simple. Whether you’re looking to interface with your ASP.NET database or you simply want to create user or email accounts, Plesk will handle it for you. In terms of features, it’s the worlds best control panel.

All of our ASP.NET hosting accounts are controlled via Plesk and housed on the latest Microsoft Windows web servers, Here at HostPresto, we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to Windows hosting and we have dedicated support on hand to deal with any ASP configuration issues you may face.

Our control panel of choice, Plesk allows you to routinely work with any Windows based database such as MS Access or MSSQL. Whatever your preference, you’ll find creating and administering your database an extremely straight forward process thanks to the beauty and simplicity of Plesk. You’ll also be able to manage all users and connectivity credentials at the click of a button.

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