The Better Way To Start The Game

The Better Way To Start The Game

Counting on a fully-managed, cutting-edge dedicated server infrastructure and custom software integrations created and administered by mature staff members, PH welcomes sensible, fun-loving players to join our global server network.

PH Infrastrucure

About Us

General information about the services we offer.

PH Unturned Servers

• Unturned is an zombie-survival game by SDG Games featuring a rich open-world multiplayer experience.

• Pandahut Network hosts a variety of free-to-use dedicated of servers for Unturned, all of which are legally operate under agreement with the official game publisher.

99.9% Uptime Pie Chart

99.9% Server Uptime

• Visit our Server Status page for more stats and graphs on our servers and services.

• Currently hosting Loading.. Unturned servers, PH is home to Loading.. daily players, Loading.. unique monthly players and Loading.. Monthly Player Sessions.

PH Stats

Community Leaderboards

• Compare your player stats and see how you rank among PH server players.

• Check out your K/D stats, headshots, items picked up, and more, for all different Unturned game modes spanning multiple Pandahut servers.

Our Legacy

• Hosting Unturned servers since 2015, Pandahut (PH) counts on an advanced toolset and experience in community management, server hosting, and game integration.

• PH counts on a global CDN for speedier access to our web resources, even in-game.

• All server data is stored in multiple redundant layers – in the event of server hardware failure, you won’t lose your game progress.

• Pandahut currently hosts servers located in the USA East Coast, USA West Coast, and Central Europe.

Join us on Discord!

• At Loading. our Discord community is the largest group of Pandahut members in a single public online channel.

Discord Integration

• PH integrates its services by developing custom plugins and APIs, providing greater functionality to our players.

• If you’ll be away from the game for a while, our Discord bot can alert you if your in-game objects take damage.

Member Ranks

By supporting Pandahut you help to ensure that all our server upkeep costs are covered.

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