Хостинг террария

Хостинг террария

Every order sets up instantly. Simply go to my services after ordering and get your username and password for the control panel.


We use i7 high clock speed processors and real Dell servers so we deliver the best possible performance to your Terraria server.

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Order an Terraria server now

Rememeber, 24 hour refund if not entirely satisfied.


Our Terraria server hosting is extremely advanced with many features. Not all are listed here.


We fully support steam workshop, simply choose your mod and click download and our tool will download it to your server, easy.


Elaborate the above feature and keep it precise so that it makes a single line to match up with the design.


We support all Terraria maps. Even the custom ones found in the workshop.


We have a fully fledged backup and restore system, your server is backed up off site and can be restored in any capacity at any point.

What is Terraria?

Terraria is an open-ended sandbox 2D game with gameplay revolved around exploration, building, and action. The game has a 2D sprite tile-based graphical style reminiscent of the 16-bit sprites found on the SNES.

The game is noted for its classic exploration-adventure style of gameplay, similar to titles such as the Metroid series and Minecraft.

The game starts in a procedurally generated world. The player starts with three basic tools: a pickaxe for mining, a shortsword for combat, and an axe for woodcutting.

Many resources, notably ores, can be found while mining or exploring underground caves. The player starts off with 100 health which can be increased up to 500 by finding special items underground.

Some resources and most items may only be found in certain areas of the map, stored in common and rare containers, or dropped by certain enemies.

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