Хостинг ftp

An easy and secure FTP alternative anyone can use.
Connect with SFTP, FTPS or FTPES for added security through FTP clients.

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Transform Your Secure FTP Hosting Experience

Unlimited users, file sizes and connections. Your secure FTP hosting
experience is about to get better than ever.

Easy FTP and Web Access

Being able to access files from anywhere is a business necessity. With FTP Hosting, you can enjoy the convenience of having all of your files securely hosted on an FTP server that can be accessed through a web browser or FTP client.

Remote access and working from home can be as seamless as it is in the office.

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Granular User Access Controls and Permissions

User, Manager and Administrator are three user types available to you right out of the box. You can set custom permissions on files, folders, users
and links.

Anonymous uploads can be enabled and share links can be customized with security permissions that expire as well as download limits. Activity is tracked and logged for everything.

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How users connect is up to you — choose between FTP, SFTP and FTPS for your choice of uploading, downloading and sharing. Files are encrypted at-rest and in transfer for absolute security.

FTP Hosting helps your files remain safe while giving users the easy access they need for increased productivity.

Your Branding and Domain

Customize your FTP site with everything that makes your company unique. Create a custom domain and add the branding, colors and logo that your customers know and trust.

FTP Hosting disappears while your company stands out with an accessible and secure FTP hosting service that looks exactly like you.

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