Enjoy with our EXCLUSIVE FEATURES for a better gaming experience.

We are original creators, others only copy our ideas.


Server oriented to PVP (player versus player), PVE gameplay allowed, but remember that SCUM is a unique game that favors the team that has the widest range of skills.

  • Up to 80 player slots max
  • Our anticheat system tools
  • Announced server restarts
  • Short night cycle
  • Max team: 10-20 members
  • Re-spawn prices: Random=0, Sector=10, Shelter=30
  • Blueprints destroy time: 10 days
  • Vehicles inactivity: 5 days
  • Sentry damage: 0.4
  • PVP centered, PVE gameplay allowed (PVP/PVE)
  • NO ADMIN ABUSE, admin play NOT allowed
  • NO ADMIN INTERFERENCE, direct owner support
  • max loot and vehicles
  • you can get one welcome pack to start
  • there is extra loot in warzone events
  • you can rent a car any moment to move freely
  • lottery raffles between all players online
  • can use our store to get some items with automatic delivery
  • ingame traders with more items to buy and sell


The server rules are simple, don’t be a jerk that you won’t have trouble playing with us!

There are 4 types of punishments to violations of the rules below: warning, in-game mute, penalty-fee (famepoints, coins, JAIL) and ban (days or permanent)

In case of rule violation, the admin will take the appropriate measures and punishments, might not necessarily follow the order above.

  • Don’t use cheats, glitches, exploits, duplications, and bugs for anything that gives you an advantage in the game or ruins other player’s experiences.
  • You cannot block roads, railways, tunnels, or bridges. Even if they are within your flag area.
  • It is not allowed to leave armed explosives on roads, bunkers, military zones and areas where it cannot be built.
  • You are only allowed to place traps or armed explosives inside your base in your flag area.
  • You can use armed explosives to assault but only to make them explode, you cannot leave them armed in enemy bases, you must be in the area and withdraw them when you leave.
  • It is forbidden to place flags or store loot on roofs or unreachable places, whether that is on top of buildings (e.g., lighthouse), floating in the air (foundations are only allowed at floor), or through some other glitch that prevents any other player who’s not in your squad to reach it through normal means of the game. You may protect your flag with walls, locks, sandbags, etc., as you see fit, but they must be reachable by another team if they successfully raid your base.
  • You can not disconnect in enemy bases.
  • ‎It is forbidden to use events (DM, CtF, etc.) as a means to attack or protect bases, (whether they belong to you or not).
  • You can NOT request VEHICLES inside enemy bases or multiple use on the walls, to climb or make it explode and cause damage. Or use CAR RENT repeatedly to return to your body in combat.


  • Accounts with GAMEBANS or multiple VACbans.
  • ANONYMOUS access or TOR connections.


Enjoy with our new INGAME TRADER to sell your items for a better gaming experience. We are original creators, others only copy our ideas.

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