DayZ Server Hosting Guide (Standalone)

DayZ Server Hosting Guide (Standalone)

DayZ Server Hosting

DayZ Standalone server hosting can be quite confusing. If you are confused about the difference between hives and shards, read our “Types of DayZ Servers” article for a full understanding.

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Let’s get to the good stuff and review top 3 DayZ server hosting companies. The following chart give’s a brief comparison between Vilayer, Gameservers, and Fragnet game servers.

DayZ Server Hosting Comparison

Review: DayZ Server Hosting With Vilayer

Vilayer We Like

Vilayer We Don’t Like


Vilayer has been around since 2009 and has gained a massive and positive reputation among gamers.

In terms of DayZ Standalone, they offer everything you need and what is possible at this time in the game’s development. They offer public shards and private shards which gives you the option to stay with a straight vanilla server or customize your own under the private shard rules laid out by BIS.

There aren’t a lot of negative things to point out about Vilayer except that they don’t offer any freebies and only accept credit cards or Paypal. But seriously, it doesn’t matter since both of those don’t affect your gameplay.

Their DDOS protection is SEC-LAYER which is the best protection you can get.

Vilayer has tried to game things as much as possible and have done a great job. Getting a server up and going is extremely fast with minimal issues.

Vilayer is also one of the cheapest options when you price it out per slot. They offer a no setup fee which is unmatched by their competitors (other companies charge private shard fees).

As you can see we think Vilayer is the best choice.

Review: DayZ Server Hosting With GameServers

GameServers We Like

GameServers We Don’t Like

  • Manual Patch Updates Are Slow
  • DDOS Protection Is Lacking
  • No Private Shards


Gameservers is a popular 6+ year old game hosting company. They’ve had over 400k customers and offer a variety of hosting options.

While they aren’t dedicated to DayZ server hosting specifically, they do have experience with many other games. The extra fees, setup, and maintenance for private shards requires more resources on their part which may be some of the reasons why we only see them offering DayZ Standalone public shards.

It’s worth mentioning that Gameservers DDOS protection is lacking compared to other hosting services. While they are able to sort out attacks, it usually takes quite some time. Depending on the attacker, it could take days before your service is resumed normally. DDOS attacks do happen, but it shouldn’t scare you on a daily basis unless you’ve established a large community. has been known to be slow with pushing the latest stable updates to their servers. We’re not sure of the reason, but we can imagine that it will be improved over time.

On the other hand, offers server locations in a variety of countries. So it doesn’t matter if you’re Asia, Russia, EU, AU, or North America, you should be able to get a server close to you. If at any time you have an issue with your current server location, they currently offer the ability to switch datacenters up to 4 times per month.

If you’re unable to or want to share the rental costs of your server, they offer an option for group payments. This is awesome if you want to split the costs with your clan members!

Over all, is one of the top 3 game hosting companies, they offer discounts on voice servers, a free website for you or your clan, and make it easy for you to host your own DayZ Standalone server with a few clicks.

Review: DayZ Server Hosting With Fragnet

Fragnet We Like

Fragnet We Don’t Like

  • No Group Payments
  • Limited Locations
  • Support Needs Improvement


Fragnet is an official provider for DayZ Standalone

The prices per slot aren’t the greatest and you will be charged a setup fee for private shards. However, they offer many types of payments including bank transfers. With no group payment options, it will be up to you to sort out financing with your friends or clan.

Location, location, location! Fragnet has many datacenters but they are pretty concentrated. If you live in the USA or EU then you are set! Outside of that they only have 1 center in Australia and 1 in Indonesia. Oceania and Asian locations will suffer quite a bit with the lack of options. If you’re a gamer from Canada it won’t be too bad to use a US server, but those who live in Russia, South America, and Africa will ultimately have worse pings leading to a worse gaming experience.

Everyone loves to get something for free. Fragnet offers a free 10 slot voice server for TeamSpeak or Mumble. There is no option to get a discount on hosting if you do not want the voice server.

It doesn’t sound like we like Fragnet all that much, but they are still in the top 3 game hosting providers in the world. We’ve played on many servers hosted by them without issue, so it all depends on your preferences.

How To Pay For Server Hosting

Hosting a DayZ server is expensive for a single person. But there are a few ways to help cut down the costs. Here are some ways to help pay for your DayZ server costs.

Clan Members – Using a group pay option can allow your clan members or friends to help chip in and pay for the month server costs. The downside is that if someone doesn’t pay, the rest of you will have to make up the difference.

Server Donations – You probably have seen server donation messages on servers you’ve played on. In the DayZ mod, server donators often received in game benefits as well such as permanent base locations or gear. This can be a great way to pay for costs but can vary month to month. It also requires a large volume of players since only a small percentage will consider donating.

Become An Affiliate – Most hosting companies have affiliate programs. When someone signs up with your link you will receive a credit towards your hosting account or a cash payout.

Getting people to sign up can be a challenge. There is the perception that the price they will pay is more than if they sign up straight to the hosting company. This is not true and a lot of the time you can get a discount code to reduce the price even further when you signup under someone. It’s the hosting company’s way of saying thanks for bringing a new customer aboard, we’ll give you a commission and we’ll give the new customer a discount. It’s a win-win situation.

Follow the rules in your affiliate panel and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Administration Rules

And finally you need to abide by the rules that BIS has laid out for hosting a DayZ Standalone Server. There are rules in place outside of your hosting company that you will need to follow. If you don’t, you could have your server shut down for being in violation of one or more rules.

Here are the important links that you need to read in order to run a DayZ server without issue:

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