Eco Global Survival server hosting – game information

Eco Global Survival server hosting – game information

Eco Global Survival is a survival game with a new approach to the survival genre. Instead of fighting enemies, nature is your only enemy in this game with its ecosystem. Your goal is to gather resources to collect while the sustainability of the eco system is clearly in the foreground. If you gather resources without using your mind, it quickly happens that you have damaged the environment too much.

As a lumberjack, carpenter or fisherman, you can collect various resources and trade with your fellow players. It is essential to always maintain the balance of the ecosystem in order not to end up without raw materials. A gimmick of the game is also that the players can set their own rules and laws by means of votes. These rules can not be broken.

Due to the fact that you can only specialize in a career branch, it is indispensable to play in multiplayer. This is the only way to trade with other players and you can support each other in the construction of buildings or the defeat of hunger. Therefore, you should rent your own prepaid Eco Global Survival server today and discover the world of Eco with your friends.

6.32 € / Month

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Along servers for Eco Global Survival we are offering servers for a large variety of other games.

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Details about our service

What sets ZAP-Hosting apart? Below are some details of our service that will convince you.

Rent your prepaid Eco server

Our years of experience in the game server area combined with our own developer team allows us to offer our own developed features. One of these functions is our automatic set-up system. If you rent an Eco Global Survival Server, it will be set up and pre-configured immediately after the payment is received. You can rent your Eco GS Server without getting a headache over the configuration: Just start and play!

We also allow you to change various server configurations of course. You can change various settings directly in the web interface and you can also exchange data between your computer and the server through our free FTP access. This makes it easy for you to install mods by yourself or to change the configuration via FTP. If your server needs more RAM due to the amount of mods, it is no problem: you can simply purchase a RAM boost at any time with a mouse click. You can also do other up/downgrades in just a few seconds at any time.

It can happen at any time that you lose your interest in a game. If you lose interest in Eco Global Survival, you can simply change the game! Our game cloud allows you to switch between our games free off charge. This way you don’t pay for an empty server, but can simply use it for other purposes. You want a server with the standard port? Then simply choose a server with its own IP address during the ordering process and your server will automatically run on the standard port that is retained by a game switch..

Eco Global Survival servers instantly online & DDoS protected

Do you want a server that runs with full performance even with a high number of players and that does not influence the game performance? Nothing could be easier! If you rent an Eco Global Survival from ZAP, your server will be equipped with free DDoS protection. This protection ensures that your server is not slowed down by the many packets when attacked from outside, but that these packets are blocked. This way you won’t even notice an attack on your server. If you have chosen a server with a standard port, you can even manage the DDoS protection and view attacks. Additionally your server will only be installed on current and powerful hardware. This way we can promise you the best possible gaming experience on our servers!

If you need help or support with your Eco Global Survival server, whether it is a problem or just a question, please contact our support team. Our support staff are willing to help you and support you with any problems that might arise. We are available every day (incl. Sundays) from 10:30 am – 23:00 pm. You can decide on your own how you would like to contact us. You can do this via live chat, email, ticket. Of course you can also ask your question at the bottom of this page and we will answer it as soon as possible!

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