Multi Theft Auto server hosting – game information

Multi Theft Auto server hosting – game information

Multi Theft Auto is an open source multiplayer expansion of the popular part of the FIVE series, FIVE: San Andreas. Similar to FIVE Online, it provides possibilities for interaction between players. So they can enjoy the game together and compete in missions with or against each other. With over 10,000 daily players, Multi Theft Auto proves that San Andreas is far from outdated.

To set up your own Multi Theft Auto community, our prepaid game servers are the best choice. Our web interface provides you with easy-to-use tools to configure all settings in a few seconds. And with the help of your free FTP access, you can expand your server directly from your desktop with Lua scripts to create a roleplay server, for example.

2.00 € / Month

GTA: San Andreas game-server games

Alongs servers for Multi Theft Auto we offer a large variety of other games.

Questions asked by customers

You are interested in something before buying your own Multi Theft Auto server? The answers below may help.

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Insight into the ZAP web interface

This interface allows you to manage your product conveniently.

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Details about our service

What sets ZAP-Hosting apart? Below are some details of our service that will convince you.

Rent your prepaid Multi Theft Auto server

When you purchase a prepaid Multi Theft Auto Server, it will automatically be set up for you in seconds. The amount of RAM required for a smooth gaming experience is perfectly adjusted to your server, so you don’t have to worry about it. Should you ever need more RAM, you can upgrade at any time via the web interface.

With your free FTP access you have the possibility to expand your server with your own files 24/7. This way you can add new features to Multi Theft Auto with Lua scripts and make them available to all your fellow players.

Multi Theft Auto server instantly online & DDoS protected

Especially during hot chases with the police or your friends it is very important that your server has no performance problems. In order to guarantee this in the best possible way, all of our servers come with free DDoS protection and the guarantee that your server runs on the latest and fastest hardware. Thus, your gaming fun is maintained permanently.

Our web interface lets you create backups of your server at any time. Thanks to this you can test new Scripts as much as you want and always return to your backup in case of an emergency. If this doesn’t work, our support is available every day to solve all your problems.

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