Protection from even the most severe DDoS attacks

Protection from even the most severe DDoS attacks

We have been working at the international market since 2013.

During this time, we have implemented more than 8000 projects in 60 countries.

What is needed to protect a network, apart from connecting the anti-DDoS service

StormWall team is planning to participate in Europen Peering Forum (EPF)

If you would like to meet with our staff on the event and discuss latest news in information security, or just to get acquainted, simply use the Meeting Tool

DDoS attacks are to grow by 130% in Autumn 2022

StormWall expects a 130% increase in DDoS worldwide. The new wave of DDoS is forecasted to hit in September 2022 and will be targeted at multiple sectors, although businesses will be affected the most. Based on the data of recent hacktivist activity analyzed by StormWall experts, the DDoS attacks that will take place in the near future, will be some of the most destructive to date.

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