SCUM server hosting (preorder)

SCUM server hosting (preorder)

SCUM by the Croatian development team Gamepires is a complex survival simulation with battle royal bonds that is currently in the early access stage. In the world of SCUM, players assume the role of prisoners who must survive on a 144 km² island. In the game world, the prisoners’ struggle for survival is transmitted all over the world by a multinational company for general entertainment.

The outstanding feature of SCUM is the complex simulation that has been integrated into the game. Standard survival elements such as the need for food and drink, sleep or protection are of course part of SCUM, but the game goes one step further: the entire metabolism of the player is simulated and thus influences the game, for example, whether the players character has worked out ingame, the heart rate is increased or the player is exhausted. It is even simulated how quickly the different layers of clothing dry.

With up to 64 players on one server, SCUM is of course the most fun on your own server. Currently it is not yet possible to rent SCUM Server from ZAP-Hosting, but you can leave your email address to be notified immediately if SCUM Server can be rented. As with all other ZAP-Hosting game servers, SCUM servers will be protected against DDoS attacks, can be easily managed via our web interface and will be online instantly after ordering.

3.56 € / Month

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Rent your prepaid SCUM server

To ensure that your SCUM server provides the best possible gaming experience right from the start, the necessary hardware resources are automatically calculated during the ordering process. If you still need more resources, you can of course order them during the order process. Your SCUM game server will be set up fully automatically and completely preconfigured after payment has been received. Your SCUM server will be ready to play within minutes.

After renting an SCUM gameserver, you will get free FTP access to your server, which allows you to easily exchange data between your computer and the server. So you can download your world or even upload your own. Of course you can also upgrade your server with your own mods to customize the server perfectly to your needs. If RAM usage might get to high, a RAM boost in the form of an upgrade would be advisable. This, and other up-/downgrades, can be done anytime via the web interface with just a few clicks.

If SCUM might lose its fun or if you want to another another modpack you can switch games and modpacks at any time, thanks to our game cloud. If you have your own IP address with a default port, the default port will of course be retained when your change games.

SCUM servers instantly online & DDoS protected

Our free DDoS protection ensures that your SCUM gameserver does not slow down during a DDoS attack. The incoming packets are analyzed and attacker packets are sorted out. This will not strain your SCUM server, which will continue to run as usual. The players on the game server don’t even notice a DDoS attack. If you have your own IP address, you can even set the DDoS protection according to your needs and you will have access to protections administration and can see current and past attacks and react accordingly. Of course your SCUM server will only be installed on current and powerful hardware. The combination of these two factors ensures the best possible gaming experience.

Do you have any more questions that are unanswered here? Are there problems with your server? Contact our support team and we will help you. Our support team can be reached daily (also on Sundays!) via live chat, ticket, e-mail. Of course you can also post your question to the bottom of this page so that every customer can see it.

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