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In the vast world of SCUM you find yourself in the midst of a prison riot survival game with unprecedented levels of customisation, control and progression. While immersed in the expansive landscape, you find yourself, a prison escapee, in the midst of a dangerous open world, vulnerable to not only nature and the elements, but other players with the same goal as you – survival.

Explore, loot, craft, and use your knowledge and skills to outwit other players and enemies. SCUM makes use of highly complex simulation mechanics such as controlling your character’s metabolism, inertia during movement, and even how fast your layers of clothing dry after being exposed to the elements.

Renting your own SCUM server gives you the ultimate control with our ultra-performance servers which are equipped with M.2 NVMe SSDs as a standard for the smoothest gameplay and best performance. Face off against your friends in a private world only for you.

Click below to rent your own SCUM server or even try a FREE 24 hour trial!

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SCUM 24h Trial

Why GG Host Servers for SCUM?

If you’re looking for your own SCUM server, GG Host is an excellent choice, here’s why:

  • Performance – Our servers have all the performance you need, no need to pay extra.
  • NVME – Our servers have NVME as standard.
  • Intel & AMD – We’re using Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core®, and AMD EPYC™ processors.
  • Instant – Most of our services have instant setup, get playing right away.
  • FTP – Get technical with config and log files via FTP.
  • Connectivity – 1Gbps is standard on our game servers.
  • Integrated graphical editor for the SCUM Trader Config. No more working with JSON files!
  • Server auto-updates when new patches and hotfixes release.
  • Named Sets for your ServerSettings.ini. Allows you to schedule, and quickly change between presets.

What our customers have to say

Don’t take our word for it. Below is what our existing SCUM customers say about us:


This is by far the best server host my community has EVER used and we have used all the “Major Brands” Nitrado,PingPerfect etc for our SCUM Servers. the Hardware is Legit! you are not another sucker being hosted on some kids Bitcoin mining rig in the burbs. Great Connectivity, Great systems.. but hardware aside the HUGE bonus for me is the Customer Service! With a game like SCUM where we are receiving almost Monthly minor patches and adjustments to the game things get weird. GGhosing have 100% been Active in the SCUM Community and are in Direct contact with the SCUM Developers. When things go wrong (And they always do with games in Development) These guys are ALL OVER IT. A Server host that Submits Bugs, offers solutions to issues and Genuinely care about the state of the games they are hosting. 10/10

Best Hosting Provider In The Market! I’m using this company for SCUM hosting and it is the best! I had a chance to use all other providers, sadly they are not even half close to what I get here. Server Performance is outstanding, support is basically like I would be talking with my close friend. If I ever have a question or some kind of problem, opening a ticket and getting support is rapid. I really this if someone is thinking about opening a server this is the final destination, as you will not find anything better.


The other hosts are a joke compared to GGhost I use GgHost to host a busy gaming server. I recently made a switch from a competitor host. All of my problems were solved with GGhost that I had with the other server hosts. I am just absolutely amazed at the difference and would never consider leaving GGhost ever. E-V-E-R. you guys rock !! Thank you 😉

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