Top #1 rated Channel Manager & PMS for Short Term Rentals

Top #1 rated Channel Manager & PMS for Short Term Rentals

Increase your revenue, improve your operations and save time and money. Hosthub has everything you need to manage your properties effortlessly and reliably.


All the tools you need

Synchronize rates & availability across 200+ channels

With direct API integrations with Airbnb, Vrbo,, Expedia and hundreds more, only Hosthub can offer Zero Double Booking Guarantee (available only for API connected channels) and absolute peace of mind.

Tools and features to make your life easier

With native tolls like team management, expense management, invoicing, reports and charts and more than 20 integrations to offer you smart pricing, remote home management, noise alerts, task and cleaning management and much more, Hosthub has everything you need.

Get on more platforms to increase bookings and revenue

Of all the ways to increase bookings and revenue, listing on multiple channels is the fastest and surest way to do it. Hosthub’s Revenue Booster service gets you on the most appropriate channels for your property fast and affordably.

Build your own website & rent your home directly

Everyone wants to increase their direct bookings and the best way to do that is through your own direct booking website. Hosthub will build it for you and you get to keep it for life!

Upgrade your existing website by adding direct booking capabilities

Do you already have a website but it cannot accept direct bookings? Hosthub will convert your existing website into a direct booking website that accepts cards and Paypal in record time and without recurring fees!

top #1 rated channel manager in the world

Powerful software with a friendly interface

Most channel managers need weeks to setup and learn. With Hosthub you’ll be up and running in 10 minutes with an onboarding process and User Interface that’s so easy you’ll be amazed 😲


Let technology work for you

Availability & Rate Sync

We ensure 100% success in synchronizing your rental

Expense Management

Add & track all your property expenses

Reports & Charts

Full reports regarding your rentals, channels, dates & more

Team Access

Give access to your listings with multiple levels of permissions

Why choose Hosthub?

With over 200 supported channels, you’ll get all the bookings you can handle.

We ensure 100% success in synchronizing your short term rental bookings 2-way, across all vacation rental websites near real time.

Hosthub is the only channel manager in the world that offers Zero Double Booking Guarantee (available only for API connected channels).

We employ advanced machine learning techniques to automatically update your properties across hundreds of channels. Coupled by Human Quality Assurance, we ensure your bookings get synchronized in near real time and absolute reliability.

Do you want to offer your house as a whole house, but you also want to offer each room separately? Hosthub gives you that option!

Hosthub’s Preparation Time allows you to automatically block the nights before and after a booking, on all your active channels, allowing you extra time to prepare your rental for the next guest.

No internet access but urgently need to update your calendars? Just calls us 24/7 and we’ll do it for you!

Our team will have you all set-up and syncing in no time, with zero effort on your side. Automagically!


World-class partners

Hosthub partners with some of the best short term rental services and software in the world to offer you unlimited possibilities. From cleaning and task management to invoicing and payments, and from smartlocks to smart pricing, Hosthub has everything you need to manage your properties effortlessly and efficiently.

Start synchronising your listings


What our customers say


Christos Pontikis, Greece

Excellent software and well-designed service. Amazing support!


Azaima Anderson, USA

Since joining Hosthub, I have had no double bookings.



Alan Tainton, Australia

I have been using Hosthub for 3 months now and I must say it solves all my syncing problems. All connections work perfectly, fast and accurately. The highlight of my experience with Hosthub is the customer service. Time zone issues aside they are fast and responsive. Have never had a bad experience. I highly recommend this product. It really solved my issues. Give it a try.



Kyriakos Karampatziakis, Greece

Hosthub is a great application for syncing your bookings on different channels! Best service, the support team replies very quickly and efficiently. Value for money.


Claudine Grandjean, Australia

Brilliant and easy to use. I have an accommodation business with 3 venues, it has made my life much easier as I don’t have to go on each website I advertise with and update the calendars without making a mistake. No risk of a double booking, an easy to use program and Hosthub owners are very friendly & always ready to help.


Richard Schuh, Colorado

It took me about 5 minutes to set-up and I have never had a double booking. I love their dashboard. I keep it open at all times. If you run multiple channels (Everybody should) Hosthub is the answer.


The app is fantastic and saves me so much time and stress. Allows me to spend time marketing my properties. The support is second to none. I have never had to ask twice not have I had to wait. Friendly efficient and effective. Without a doubt the best on the market.



Julie Wasko Trivers, Colorado

Very happy with this service!! Gives us so much peace of mind to not worry about double bookings. And the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend!


Theano’s Home BnB, Greece

Highly recommended.. Try it.. Really good service totally syncs many platforms in one in a few seconds. Staff always available to help via chat or call.



I’ve been using & suggesting Hosthub almost 3 years now and I’m very satisfied with their services. Hosthub is one of the smartest applications I use in my everyday life, it synchronizes “RAPIDLY” your Property Calendar to any famous platform and not only! But the best of all, they constantly upgrade their systems. I’m a true fan! 😉


Alkis Triantafyllopoulos, Greece

What do you like best? The fact that it actually does what they promise. Not sure if anything can work better or faster than that. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? Double bookings simply don’t exist



Been a great help for my vacation rental. Alex, Lefty and the team are awesome and always on the ball. I love the online chat feature.



Chris Roylance, Canada

Hosthub has created a simple solution to a widespread problem – how to keep calendars synchronized.


Pier Luigi Pisani, Italy

Great service, smart people. A staff it’s really a pleasure to deal with. Hosthub works perfectly and swiftly.



Nicola Cremoni, Italy

A brand new service to keep your rentals synced between different OTAs listings. Focused on customers’ success and satisfaction.

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Sync Vrbo calendars and rates even with less than 5 properties

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