Which is the Best DayZ Server Hosting? — Top and Affordable Providers Compared (2022)

Which is the Best DayZ Server Hosting? — Top and Affordable Providers Compared (2022)

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DayZ surely is an amazing game, but the default hosting server may not provide you the optimal experience and results. You should find a hosting server for the game, as one of the major problems with gaming is finding a server that is fast enough. Our team of experts has found some of the best DayZ server hosting providers.

Review of the Best Dayz Server Hosting


GTXGaming provides a reliable rental service known for remarkable speed combined with a high-performing server. Each of the servers makes use of SSD’s and can conveniently utilize an i7 4.2 GHz processor up to 90 percent.

When it comes to mod installations, the process is made easier with the GTXGaming as it can be done through a Steam Workshop built into the game’s panel.

Their servers have become reliable in almost all continents apart from Africa and Antarctica. If there is a need for more stock performance, the SSD, RAM, and CPU clock speed and priority have available upgrades.

  • Offers impressive performance
  • Cost-effective server
  • Allows for a free game switch
  • Personalized customer support
  • Less-optimized support system
  • Needs more knowledge base

2. Host Havoc Server

Host Havoc allows you to have a price-friendly hosting server with remarkable mod support. With Host Havoc, you have access to an average response time of fifteen minutes. They currently have providers of up to eleven servers set up all over Europe, North America, and even one in Oceania.

We also found out that they have DDOS protection that comes for free and then offers a 72-hours refund if you are not content with the service. Their mod installation process is convenient as it is easy to achieve with just a few steps.

  • Includes an easy plugin
  • Provides reliable hosting support
  • Has servers in different parts of the world
  • Offers a 99.9 percent uptime
  • Doesn’t have a free trial
  • Has a large minimum server slot count

3. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers is a reliable option for DayZ players who prefer to use a computer rather than console. The PC server rentals give you a range of options that are not found in other competitions. We discovered that the server also makes use of a MySQL database that comes for free.

Citadel Servers allow you to include a personalized IP Address and DDOS protection at no cost. There is reliable mod support that offers you access to a completely automated workshop mod downloader. It provides the opportunity to have a custom game map uploaded to the server.

  • Cheap to purchase
  • Offers great speed
  • Provides reliable customer support
  • Quick setup process
  • Requires more performance
  • Needs more knowledge base

4. PingPerfect Servers

PingPerfect has become a popular server designed to provide you with a highly responsive system while setting it up. Their DayZ server hosting is available in six different continents worldwide, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. All of these locations come with an optimized network that has been personalized for the DayZ game server.

While testing, our team was glad to know that it provides free web hosting feature apart from an excellent game hosting server. They also give you a 48-hours trial period to help you get comfortable with the hosting server.

  • Includes free web hosting
  • Offers a 2-day trial period
  • Covers six continents
  • Allows for a free debranding
  • Not enough refund time
  • Customer care may take time

DayZ Server Hosting Buyer’s Guide

Server Location

Our experts discovered that it would help if you always chose a DayZ server hosting that is available in your location. So, check out for the regions that have the servers hosted before making a purchase.

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